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A Canadian heavy metal group . It is unbelievable that such a great album in 2016. Cauldron Group’s new album’s name is “In Ruin”. Bassist and vocalist Jason Decay, guitar Ian Chains, drummer Myles Deck. It is really hard to find a vocalist like Jason Decay. Jason Decay has a different stylein this album and also his voice tone is different.

He is also successfull at bass gguitar. Guitar and solos are great, Drummer is enough i think. Harder and always double cross drummer can not be this group’s style.

Drummer’s tone is just like my favorite. This album is really unbelievable. It has absolutely different style, it is completely mystic. You should listen to it. It resembles the heavy metal groups from 80s-90s.

Entrance song “In Ruin” which is given the name of the album is very very good. When vocal is slient and guitar’s arpeggio parts are very efficient, and tone is very good here.

The solo in “Empress” is one of my favorites, it is different style here that vocal’s bicker with himself. “Hold Your Fire” nd “Come Not Here” are ordinary songs of the album. “Santa Mira” is in style that bassists like. Song starts with bass guitar and says others “repeat me” and they go on all together. “Corridors of Dust” song’s entrance is good as itself. When i begin to listen it, i wonder if it will be full instrumental after quick solo. However it is preparatory of the next song. You are listening a good arpeggio for about 1.5 minutes in “Delusive Serenade”, and then it goes on with instrumental until song finishes (some parts resemble Metallica’s “Orion” song).

Closing song of the Album “Outrance” is looks like ordinary song first but after solo it becomes a great song. It is wrapping comlpetely different style.

Eventually, i think only thing that i did not like about this album it’s cover 🙂

“In Ruin” track listing:

01. No Return / In Ruin  

02. Empress

03. Burning At Both Ends

04. Hold Your Fire

05. Come Not Here

06. Santa Mira

07. Corridors Of Dust

08. Delusive Serenade

09. Outrance

Studio Albums

Chained to the Nite (2009)

Burning Fortune (2011)

Tomorrow’s Lost (2012)

In Ruin (2016)

New Gods (2018)

Undercover of Moonlight (2020)

Suicide in the City (2023)

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